With the digitalization of business creating effective funnels has become important for businesses to grow and stay competitive in the market. Tools like clickfunnels are perfect to create and manage your own sales funnel. The clickfunnels pricing options are very flexible and you can also avail them easily. There are various steps involved in making and managing a sales funnel and they are as follows-

  • Needs/Problem recognition

Under this, businesses analyze the demands of customers, their problems and needs. Now, websites can further divide them all into their possible customers and people who aren’t interested and can further give them hints of solution with contents and blogs. Clickfunnels is tool that can fulfill this need and clickfunnels pricing structure is also suitable for small businesses.

  • Information search

Now that customers have identified their problems will search for solutions. You can now provide them with solutions to their questions and can solve their queries using various methods like social media posts, quizzes etc. This will make your customers trust you and make a bond with your website.

  • Evaluating alternatives

By now, the potential customer will turn into leads. You can provide them with comparisons among various other products like yours and inform them about the ways in which your product will be better. This step is all about empowering the customer to make informed decisions.

  • Decision of purchase

Under this stage, as the customers would have got all the necessary information about the solutions it is time to influence them into making purchases. This can be done by giving them offers and discounts to promote more expenditure. You can also give them free goods as a promotion.

  • After sales behavior

Once the sale is done, it is time to solve any queries of customers that have availed your goods. Now that you will have their complete contact details, you can send them promotional messages and offer them discounts and loyalty bonuses. This will help you to retain your customers and bring them back to you whenever the need arises.

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