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Cheap Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

Don’t want to spend $25+ on a Halloween costume this year? Keep reading for some fun ideas for cheap homemade Halloween costumes for kids to inspire your own creations. Looking for ideas for cheap homemade Halloween costumes for kids? You are not alone! Where I live store-bought Halloween costumes can run anywhere from $25 to $50 each. With… Read More »

Crochet Nativity Patterns ~ Create a Treasured Family Heirloom

Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas with these beautiful crochet Nativity patterns. Whether you make it to give it as a gift or keep it for yourself, it is sure to become a treasured family heirloom. No matter if the Nativity is for a child or an adult, there are quite a few crochet Nativity patterns currently available to… Read More »

Graduation Cap Candy Favors ~ Tutorial

Planning a graduation party?  These Graduation Cap Candy Favors are so simple to make and would be great to hand out to guests to thank them for coming.  You don’t need much to make these grad party favors – just Hershey’s Nuggets candy, some black cardstock, ribbon, and some jewel accents. My only son will be graduating from high school in a little… Read More »

Easy DIY Camp Seat from a 5 Gallon Bucket

Do you love camping? then here is a fun project for you – an easy DIY camp seat from a 5 gallon bucket.  I love that this has 2 functions. It acts as a seat when you are sitting around the campfire, but it also takes the place of a suitcase or backpack. You can easily pack your clothes and… Read More »

Decorate a Valentine Nutcracker

Transform an after-Christmas clearance rack find into a cute Valentine Nutcracker to add to your Valentine’s Day decorations. I think I have mentioned before that I collect nutcrackers.  I have a pretty big collection for Christmas since they are really easy to find during the holiday season.  Over the past few years, I have been adding nutcrackers for… Read More »